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Scream If You Want to Go Faster This novel, set over the last weekend of Hull Fair, boasts an impressive swear word per line ratio and within its pages we meet so many characters that it almost feels by the end that the reader is acquainted with every single resident of that city Fast moving, and with frequent switches between characters and viewpoints, it s like a fairground ride in itself Many stories interlink and they were so numerous I couldn t even say whether any of them was left dangling at the end It left me with a slightly disorientating feeling of happiness, sorrow, horror and amusement All aspects of life in Hull are investigated from the fishing to the famous bridge, helped along by the dialect I remember from my Yorkshire childhood, used not only by the characters but by the 3rd person narrative voice too My favourite bit was where the character Brian muses about fairs Them big silver helium balloons bobbing about Fiver each them balloons, someone told Brian A f ckin fiver So that s a tenner if you ve got two bains Two bains round Fair, two goes on a ride at two quid apiece, two balloons, two bags of sugary shite, then two goes on the Hook a Duck to win two plastic pieces of tat worth about three bob apiece Jesus Christ Must spend a f ckin fortune Brian s glad his two are grown up now Well said that man. Normal seeming people either lose it or never had it over the course of a weekend centred round the Hull Fair I loved this book and think Hull Noir should be a new genre Hull Fair, OctoberA City Still Drowning In The Aftermath Of Summer Floodwater Prepares To Wave Farewell To Europe S Biggest Travelling Carnival For Six Year Old Billie, Walton Street Is A Magical Playground Of Wide Eyed Adventure For David And Denise, The Fading Lights Of The Fair Signal The Birth Of A Brand New Kind Of Freedom Rose, AYear Old Widow Seeking A Kindred Spirit Online, Is Dealt A Hand She Hadn T Bargained For, While For Michelle And Darren It S The Beginning Of A Haunted Love Affair That S Struggling To Escape Its Own PastAs The Big Wheel Turns Above Them, And The Sky Comes Alive With Noise And Colour, Ten Ordinary Lives Are Brought Together Over A Single Weekend In The Rain Soaked City Below Perfectly Capturing The Frenetic Pace, Heartbreaking Poignancy And Simmering Aggression Of Modern Urban Life, Scream If You Want To Go Faster Is A Dark, Funny, And Abrasive Novel From A Stunning New Voice In British Fiction dark and gritty novel based in the aftermath of the floods of hull in 2007 and interlinked are the stories of 10 people over a weekend visiting hull fair expressing their fears,dreams and a look at modern live with all its ups and downs Confession I am from Hull Anyone who has heard anything about Hull for those not in the UK, Hull has onthen one occasion undeservedly so IMHO featured in the book Crap Towns which should give you an idea of the esteem most British people hold Hull in will probably have certain unflattering opinions about Hull If they ve even heard of it that is.But one reason people DO flock to Hull each year is the World Famous Hull Fair which for one week and a day provides fun and adventure to people of all ages Providing your wallet is brimming of course It is this that provides the backdrop to Russ Litten s novel Scream if you want to go Faster , a bleak and often tragic snapshot of the criss crossing lives of some of Hull s residents As someone from Hull it s always gratifying to read about streets I walk down and pubs I go in which is probably why I decided to read it That and Russ Litten came and spoke at my workplace recently leaving me feeling a bit ashamed I hadn t read it already N.B if you ever have chance to hear him speak, do it Inspiring and funny, he will remind you of the joy of reading and writing.So first off, if you re looking for a pleasant and cheerful read I wouldn t go for this Do not misunderstand me though, that doesn t mean to say that it isn t enjoyable I loved every word of it However, it is unlikely to lift your spirits It s not an easy read either, the sheer volume of characters is at first difficult to get your head round and as some of them become intertwined you may find yourself going back to check out names It is not written in traditional chapters either with each section being a tiny POV snippet headed by location and time If you re used to speech marks as well, forget it You do quickly get in to the flow of it though and you become excited to read the next part of the individual stories and the consequences of the characters actions which all point to some impending disaster.It is also written in the Hull dialect which some may find a challenge Personally, that was my favourite part Hearing phrases I hadn t used for years at times had me laughing out loud and gave me that little feeling of warmth you get when there s a burst of nostalgia.But this is essentially a book about the people of Hull, the normal folk trying to cope with their day to day lives often in very difficult situations which is captured beautifully by Litten where it could easily have fallen into caricature I look forward to readingfrom him Very good read Don t read it if you don t like swearing. I read Scream If You Want To Go Faster for two reasons, firstly I was born and grew up in Hull, and secondly, because I had read a few reviews that talked about interesting and complicated POV.I enjoyed it as I did not know where the differing threads would end up I also thought the omniscient third person narrator, that came across as almost a first person Hullensian was quite clever, in fact that was the best bit of the book for me If I have a criticism it would be all the characters depicted Hull in a grim light And when you have the Economist stating recently that Hull should be shut down this book does nothing to dispel that stereotype I also thought the description of the fair, which is quite atmospheric and invigorating did not go into enough depth I know it was just something that book was hung on, but nothing really happened at the fair The floods would have been aemotive hook, and a better conscious rather than possible sub conscious catalyst to certain actions of the characters I thought all the main characters would converge in quite an unpleasant way, or at least pass or meet fleetingly, to suggest the connectiveness of everyone in tight community This again is not a criticism, it is better not to know what will happen, than it be sign posted Some of the characters needed a littledepth, like David Denise, although there was lovely moment in the hospital between Denise and his mother, where character through action occurred.I would certainly recommend this book It is not complicated, with the exception of the narration and it might not be a book to read just before you go to sleep every night, as there is no direct or indirect speech marks, a bit like McCarthy s The Road I really enjoyed, and not just because Hull gave birth to me I read it quickly over four days so there is a good indication of a good book. Declaring an interest, I was once a colleague of Russ s Well, I say colleague I worked in the same company, one hundred miles away I think I only ever met him twice.Also declaring an interest, I once lived in Hull working for the same place that Russ worked for later and once went to Hull Fair, which is woven throughout the narrative of this book.Having that out of the way what a lovely book Written in broad East Yorkshire, this is written in a fascinating way the individual stories in the book are built in a clever way, sometimes letting us see two, or even three, sides of the same event Another boring novel it isn t and the characters are very detailed You feel for each of them, even if some of them aren t very nice.I found it fascinating this was a side of Hull I didn t see during my nine months there nine months that I didn t really enjoy very much, being honest and a side of Hull that was also eerily familiar to me.It s not a cheery read, though there is humour in it it s a little dark in places It s complex, and sometimes confusing But that s the charm of the thing not all the lines have been joined for you A Dan Brown, this ain t But you re reading this because you probably don t want a Dan Brown You re reading this because you want a proper novel, full of character And for that, this doesn t disappoint.Even if this wasn t a distant colleague even if it wasn t about a place I know I d still highly recommend it Read it. This enjoyable debut novel is a snapshot of working class life in Hull in October 2007 well written, authentic, and frequently dramatic, however ultimately it doesn t quite realise its potential.I was expecting the different, disparate plot strands, all each interesting and compelling, to intersect , and to reach a coherent and satisfying end Most of the narratives just pause, with no real denouement, which made for a disappointing, frustrating and ultimately underwhelming conclusion.3 5 Very enjoyable.A whole cat of characters that lives were connected in some way, set over a few days.Hull fair parts a nice backdrops to the events around the city.some good little plot twists..the last few chapters weren t quite as good, veering into violence too much, but nothing to graphic, or indeed enough to detract from story.

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