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Prized Striking Out Into The Wasteland With Nothing But Her Baby Sister, A Handful Of Supplies, And A Rumor To Guide Her, Sixteen Year Old Midwife Gaia Stone Survives, Only To Be Captured By The People Of Sylum, A Dystopian Society Where Women Rule The Men Who Drastically Outnumber Them, And A Kiss Is A Crime In Order To See Her Sister Again, Gaia Must Submit To Their Strict Social Code And The Oppressive Rules Of Matrarc Olivia Meanwhile, Two Brothers Claim Her Attention As They Attempt To Understand The Environmental Trap That Keeps The People Of Sylum Captive, And Suddenly Gaia Must Contend With The Exciting, Uncomfortable, And Altogether New Feeling Of Being DesiredBut When Someone From Her Past Shows Up, Gaia Discovers That Survival Alone Is Not Enough And That Justice Requires Sacrifice

About the Author: Caragh M. O'Brien

Caragh M O Brien is the author of the BIRTHMARKED trilogy and THE VAULT OF DREAMERS series, both from Macmillan Roaring Brook Press Born in St Paul, Minnesota, Ms O Brien was educated at Williams College and earned her MA from Johns Hopkins University She recently resigned from teaching high school English in order to write young adult novels For information, visit

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    This is one of the hardest reviews I ve ever had to write, both because the book left me heartbroken, and because it was so confusing that it left me quite exhausted It is also difficult because I highly respect the author, especially for her openness to honest feedback, and though I disagree with some of the things in this book I continue to respect

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    UPDATE 6 10 19 Original review still available below, updates at bottom ORIGINAL REVIEW Oh My Goodness Apparently I m not safe anywhere from this freakin epidemic of YA love triangles squares And that s just the first complaint of many about this sequel Welcome, welcome, one and all to the new face of young adult dystopian fiction prostitutes

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    Actual rating 4.5 stars.I am very surprised about this book It was very interesting the whole time It made me feel angry so many times towards Gaia and her attitude about everything that was going on that I became frustrated I love a book that awakens strong emotions in me I enjoyed it so much I liked the first book of this series, but Prized is defenetetly an i

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    It seems fitting that I devoured Prized on Valentine s Day as if it were a box of chocolate but this book was so much better than chocolate to me.I don t think a book in recent memory has made me dread or hope as much as this one did Prized made my heart a knotted mess, and then slowly painfully the knots began to untangle and leave me even stric

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    If the debut book in a series is even semi good, I will continue with a series I understand that it is hard for a debut book in a series to knock my socks off because you have significant amount of world building, and brand new characters to introduce Usually, the plot is deep in the book and so I know patience is the key Why I wanted to read book 2 in the Birthmarked serie

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    Prized continues the story of Gaia Stone, a 16 year old midwife and refugee from the Enclave Accompanied by her newborn sister Maya, Gaia is found out in the wastelands by Chardo Peter Both Gaia and her baby sister are close to death She finds herself in Sylum, which is just as bad as Enclave only it is run by women.Sylum is a strange settlement In Sylum, the men outnumber the wo

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    I m really giving this book a 3.5 between liked and really liked because I really did like it but there were a lot of things that bothered me about it.THIS REVIEW WILL MOST LIKELY CONTAIN SPOILERS IN ORDER TO MAKE SENSE.My biggest problem with Prized is I felt it was a totally different book from Birthmarked None of the characters were the same Gaia is supposed to be this strong young

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    The trouble with the first book in a trilogy rocking your world is that, as much as you anticipate the first opportunity you get to read its sequel, you simultaneously fear that it won t live up to how much you enjoyed the first Sadly, in PRIZED s case, this was true Whereas I couldn t put Birthmarked down, I struggled at times to push myself through PRIZED s copious use of info dumps and in

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    Prized is a hard book to give a rating to that reflects its quality On the one hand there are a few things that are very well done, such as the idea of a matriarchal society truth is, I don t think there are any YA books that explore this idea and the gradual way Caragh M O Brien transforms Gaia from a headstrong leader into a submissive follower However, there are some things that prevent

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    Warning This will contain some spoilers for Birthmarked that will probably make no sense if you haven t read it But be warned.4 5 StarsI remember liking Birthmarked by Caragh M O Brien I remember the basic plotline girl midwife in a dystopian society where they re taking babies from the poor and advancing them to the rich Girl discovers flaws of society, rebels, story ensues This is how Dystopians tend

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