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Other Sides: 12 Webfiction Tales I ve really liked this one Winning it on a giveaway was a treat, but reading it I can sure say it was a real delight It s been some time since I read something as refreshing as this The stories go away from reality, everything is balanced and well described I ve just changed my opinion about thrillers Their book itself is just a compilation of short stories written by experimental writers That s what I ve come to understand at least from reading its description Experimental or not, the stories are pretty good Most of them are side stories from greater series their authors are working on That s both great and a bit disappointing Great cause it leavesto search and find out Disappointing well, it leaves you wishing forAnd if you ve got little time, it can be a real bugger Getting past over it is no big deal, but it s not always pleasant to end a story in a cliff hanger situation and having to search for someAside that, I d like to praise the authors for their work Real entertaining and a nice read Keep it up.And, to please the law and the Goodreads giveaway terms and conditions, I have to state that I ve received this copy of Other Sides thanks to their great giveaway system Thanks a lot, guys. I read this book for a challenge where I needed to read an anthology of short stories I don t remember how I stumbled across it, but I m almost positive I decided to read it because it was available for free on Goodreads But I m so glad I did Other Sides is a speculative fiction collection that includes fantasy, science fiction, vampires, time travel andSome are clever short stories and others are prologues or excerpts of the authors bigger webfiction stories.I definitely picked up a few new authors who I ll be following and reading in the near future I definitely recommend this if you re looking for a quick read and for some new authors The Advent Of Digital Publishing Has Seen The Rise Of A New Breed Of Writers Independent, Experimental And Unfettered By Convention This Brand New Anthology Features A Small Sampling Of These Very Writers, In A Speculative Fiction Collection That Will Capture The Imagination And Dazzle The Senses The Storytelling Genius In This Collection Is Most Evidenced By Its Memorable Characters A Young Woman Haunted By Her Ex Boyfriend S Sweater, Time Travelers With A Suspicious Interest In Babies, A Gender Changing Alien Desperate To Heal A Loved One In These Stories, Fourteen Independent Authors Display The Imagination, Insight And Wonderful Originality That Characterizes The Unique World Of Online Fiction I m biased This collection contains one of my short stories, Belonging. I was sent this through Goodreads First Reads program thing, which was awesome, as was the book itself I ve heard of webfiction before but don t know much about it this collection definitely piqued my interest The short stories were very unique, and the length of them ideal for leaving you wanting to read and knowabout the characters and their tales Each piece was set in a different, not quite normal or insanely abnormal world, and it was really refreshing to be able to dive into those places and to get to know their inhabitants. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this via goodreads It s not actually a book, but a collection of short stories from a number of authors We ve all heard of bloggers who review books, but have you ever heard of blogs in which the blogger actually writes them Me either The 12 short stories I read in this book were amazing Every one of them so unique and completely different from the next At Ergofiction.com you can read tons of stories and participate in daily activities I highly recommend this for anyone who s dreams are to be published one day and even those who just love to write. I m in this along with 14 other writers of some of the best web serials around Some of the stories are stand alone like mine others are part of their serials like Bercegeay and Cotrill s The Peacock King , all are worth reading. Full disclosure I contributed the short story Sixth of November to this anthology I m fortunate to be in such august company Twelve short speculative stories in a neat, well designed and free package Let me say, I was a teeny bit dubious Fear not, the Other Sides is a worthy read that went far, far above my expectations The book brings together a group of webfiction authors and their incredibly diverse spec fic stories It manages to provide a broad cross section of genres and styles and still maintains a choesive feel as a book theme I found the writing inside to be incredibly sophisticated and entertaining These are not hobby authors folks The stories are professional and engaging and the voices are very polished Out of the twelve tales, all but two really hit a homerun for me The two that didn t resonate were fine stories, but one just wasn t really my bag, and the other had some distracting and, I felt, clumsy point of view changes Of the rest, however, the stories werethan just good reads, in fact, I found them impressive, fascinating and enchanting And while I did find a few tiny typos, the whole book really had a polished, high quality overall feel From my viewpoint, the real shining stars were Dalston Junction by MeiLin Miranda a sort of H.G Wells meets Arsenic and Old Lace short about some really intriguing time taveling ladies The Little Problem by MCMA fun frolick through the intergalactic war on drugs.and New Stories by M.C.A HogarthA race of nomads struggle to learn a new kind of life Add to those a pair of Purgatory police, a woman who s clutter gets the best of her, the Peacock King and a thief playing neighborhood watch for vampires, and you ll see what I mean about great entertainment, quality stories and a lot of fun.Pick it up Read it Pick your own favorites. When I was first asked to review Other Sides, I had to do a double take I honestly had never heard of Webfiction before Of course that made me all thedetermined that I would read it You know me.Now Now I m a proud member of the Webfiction society There isn t enough to say about how amazingly written these stories are, and how easy they are to become obsessed with You meet the characters in a small installment and suddenly there is a burning need to find outabout them Webfiction is, hands down, fantastic.To get back to the actual anthology, Other Sides is an extremely engrossing read There are stories from all across the Speculative Fiction universe, including my favorite snarky alien races The authors chosen for this anthology are some of the best out there The writing is perfection, and the length of the stories is just enough to get you hooked before they leave you wantingMultiple cliffhangers anyone My favorite story by far was that by MCM who coincidentally will be interviewed on my blog tomorrow titled The Little Problem I don t want to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that I was literally laughing out loud as I read this one Also, I now want a garden gnome.There are 12 stories to sate your palette, and even if you are a bit skeptical I can assure you that this is worth your time Other Sides is a brilliant anthology, and it is sure to bring new fans to the genre of Speculative Fiction and Webfiction That being said, if you are already a fan of Speculative Fiction you need to give this anthology a read I promise you ll fall in love and bookmark all the websites to read .

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