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The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love This Book Is The Story Of The Two Love Affairs That Interrupted The Trajectory Of My Life One With Farming That Dirty, Concupiscent Art And The Other With A Complicated And Exasperating Farmer Single, Thirtysomething, Working As A Writer In New York City, Kristin Kimball Was Living Life As An Adventure But She Was Beginning To Feel A Sense Of Longing For A Family And For Home When She Interviewed A Dynamic Young Farmer, Her World Changed Kristin Knew Nothing About Growing Vegetables, Let Alone Raising Pigs And Cattle And Driving Horses But On An Impulse, Smitten, If Not Yet In Love, She Shed Her City Self And Moved To Five Hundred Acres Near Lake Champlain To Start A New Farm With Him The Dirty Life Is The Captivating Chronicle Of Their First Year On Essex Farm, From The Cold North Country Winter Through The Following Harvest Season Complete With Their Wedding In The Loft Of The Barn Kimball And Her Husband Had A Plan To Grow Everything Needed To Feed A Community It Was An Ambitious Idea, A Bit Romantic, And It Worked Every Friday Evening, All Year Round, A Hundred People Travel To Essex Farm To Pick Up Their Weekly Share Of The Whole Diet Beef, Pork, Chicken, Milk, Eggs, Maple Syrup, Grains, Flours, Dried Beans, Herbs, Fruits, And Forty Different Vegetables Produced By The Farm The Work Is Done By Draft Horses Instead Of Tractors, And The Fertility Comes From Compost Kimball S Vivid Descriptions Of Landscape, Food, Cooking And Marriage Are Irresistible As Much As You Transform The Land By Farming, She Writes, Farming Transforms You In Her Old Life, Kimball Would Stay Out Until Four Am Wear Heels, And Carry A Handbag Now She Wakes Up At Four, Wears Carhartts, And Carries A Pocket Knife At Essex Farm, She Discovers The Wrenching Pleasures Of Physical Work, Learns That Good Food Is At The Center Of A Good Life, Falls Deeply In Love, And Finally Finds The Engagement And Commitment She Craved In The Form Of A Man, A Small Town, And A Beautiful Piece Of Land

About the Author: Kristin Kimball

Kristin Kimball is a farmer and writer living in Northern New York Prior to farmer, Kristin worked as a freelance writer, a writing teacher, and an assistant to a literary agent A graduate of Harvard University, she has run Essex Farm with her husband since 2003.

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    Periodically, while reading The Dirty Life , a book which I loved, I found myself thinking about Eat, Pray, Love , a book I hated for its solipsism The protagonists in each book are both writers, living the Yuppy life Their paths diverged with Elizabeth Gilbert ending up as a famous author while Kristin Kimball, in an unbelievable life shift, becomes a farmer now helping to produce food for than 200 families from a 600 acre farm in Essex, New

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    As I was reading what I knew would be the last few sentences of this book and then forced to, reluctantly, put it down I took solace in the idea and fact that as I was reading here today Kristin and husband Mark and their team on the farm were actually out working, doing many of the things I read about in her book So, maybe there will be a sequel, the next 7 or so years Somehow in a very deep way this effort from Kristin Kimball touched me, connected

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    So there I was, eating haute cuisine in a mobile home He cooked for me as seduction, a courtship, so that I d never again be impressed with a man who simply took me out to dinner And I fell in love with him over a deer s liver.Kristin Kimball lived, breathed and played in NYC until the fateful day she visited an organic farm with the intent of writing a magazine article Dressed like a city girl she got drafted to help out until the farm s owner could

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    Kimball does a good job in using this book to remove any romantic notion of leaving city life for that of the farm life Or maybe she enriches that notion for the person who truly wants to seek that farm life Either way, she gives what I assume is a realistic view of the commitment that a farm is the cow always has to be milked I appreciated her straight forwardness in that If Kimball is anything, she seems honest, both about the farm and her relationship.There are

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    Question Why is farming like a relationship Answer Because you do not reap what you sow That s a lie You reap what you sow, hill, cultivate, fertilize, harvest, and store Kristin Kimball, The Dirty Life On Farming, Food, and Love

    I can count on my fingers the number of memoirs I ve read And the ones I did were either just plain not interesting or the writer came across as self absorbed and narcissistic to the point of being off putting So, I started this book with

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    This non fiction book begins as a young journalist from the city interviews a hot, young, single farmer and falls in love with him They move to the country, decide to get married and start up their own CSA Question number one I m an agricultural journalist WHY HASN T THIS HAPPENED TO ME Perhaps it is because I interview farmers all the time, but generally they aren t young, single or hot Admittedly, some of the older farmers who like me often make a point of mentioning their sin

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    THE DIRTY LIFE was an engaging, often funny, true to life tale of two young people who meet, fall in love and marry Their quirky life with all its ups and downs was refreshingly interesting Kristin was raised in an upper middle class family with parents who mimicked Ward and June Cleaver She graduated from Harvard University and traveled the globe writing various articles Mark, on the other hand, grew up with folks from the hippy generation He was down to earth a farmer, gardener, chef

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    I did not think this would be a page turner, but it was for me This is a story about the authors transformation from city girl to farmer I loved her ability to describe her journey without making the reader feel like it should be theirs, or that it shouldn t An excellent read

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    Educational about animals and work on a farm It kept my interest.This is not the kind of book I usually read, but someone gave it to me I was surprised that it kept my interest Only a couple times did I skim a paragraph or two.College educated city girl Kristin leaves that life to be with Mark a farmer The two of them work every day to exhaustion Emergencies and work never end Kristin initially went with Mark because she desired family and children and maybe felt like something was missing in her li

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    This book fits into the whole foods, local grown, thinking ecologically about how we eat genre that is popular these days Coming from Nebraska, it was nice to read a book that talks about farming as a nontrivial, nonmenial career I suppose some might argue that Kimball glorifies it all a bit than she should, but I m not convinced She talks about sleeping in a rat infested house and goes into pretty explicit detail about animal slaughter and birth I tend to enjoy the whole local grown whole foods style boo

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