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Lost In Time I m slightly surprised to say that I really like Mimi now I hope her and Jack s plan will work so they can be happy And Schuyler better find that gate I liked that Allegra s story continued in this from after where it was left off in Bloody Valentine Overall a good progression of the story I m really excited to read Bliss s story next then finish the series This was action packed I loved this book but will admit I spent so much of it annoyed beyond belief at Mimi Seriously could she have been any worse during most of this book Boy, her redemption was dramatic though That was a pretty good battle between Abbadon Azrael and really set up one hell of a series finale for next book My quick and simple overall next book time Guess it is time to go Hell for it I HAVE TO read this.the fifth book was amazing,but it was much too short,and the wait for the sixth is too longi just want pages and schuyler and jack The Blue bloods series is definitely my dirty pleasure I dunno what it is about this series but it got me hooked bah ok I loooved Jack and Sky that s why I ve hung in there Now I just want to see how everything ends That is all. Is it just me or do these books feel like they re dragging on now The first three books were like blam, blam, blam and then it was like, schuuurch I have been reading them because I try to be loyal, but this one I just can t I cannot soldier through I have only read maybe two pages and I just can t Where s the tension Schuyler, in my opinion was never a great heroine, she had her moments but the secondary characters were who kept me reading and then it just got so tedious, like poor Oliver and poor Mimi and poor Jack and poor Bliss and just sob sob sob Some authors can handle the pressure of books, but not this one, it s like she has a main story but her publishers said it was too short and so she filled it with fluff Bah on fluff, give me a good hard story Where have all the good paranormal heroines gone I know, they re following the heros with their tongues hung out waiting to be saved.Maybe I will read this eventually but not now Now I just want to forget how disapppointed I am in a series that Iusedto love. Oh my God, I didn t see this coming Engrossing, heart pounding, jaw dropping secret spilling, action packed and finally Finally, connection It all makes sense now, except what happened in Florence We now know what sky is her connection to the gate of promise But, how did Allegra and Luci ahh make Bliss Again, WTF happened in Florence Melissa de la Cruz gave this book her best And I approve Blueblood series is a must read and the journey is just beginning, at least that s my opinion Skyler and Jack s tale was heart wrenching, watching both Sky and jack leave their lives one day at a time wondering if this moment is their very last was mind numbing yet blissful.Mimi and Kingsley s reunion feels wonderful and hopeful As for Oliver, I hope he finds his happiness and Michael and Allegra What s next for them I honestly do not know where this story is going the puzzles are in place and the ripple effect has begun, but I am glad It was a great read It would be a long wait until The gates of Paradise, expected to be published 2013 because this is one series, I hate to see reach its conclusion But as they say, all good things must come to an end Wicked cliffhanger Loved it 5 stars and bravo Whoa.Just whoa.So, Lost in Time takes after Jack s and Schuyler s bonding.Now they ve got to wake up and do what they planned to do all along, to stay true to their duty.Meanwhile, Mimi decides she cares about having her love back with her than taking revenge on her betraying twin.So she sets off for Hell, accompanied by Oliver.Like Bloody Valentine, we don t have Bliss s POV any I wonder what she s doing, how s her mission doing But anyway.This book is all fighting and adventure, so there s really not much to say.I love when Jack gets all worked up when someone dares touch one of Schuyler s hair haha He s so protective and cute.But I have to say the most amazing scene of the book, sorry Schuyler, was Mimi s and Kingsley s.Now, I m not getting into the particulars, but for those of you who ve read it..You know, when she s about to leave Hell with Oliver, and they end up in her bedroom And you know the rest I was freaking out.It was the best scene ever in the whole series in my opinion.I just love Kingsley so, so much.Anyway, one thing I have to say It s not fair that Mimi s so mad at Jack I mean, it s true that he left her, but if nothing had happened to Kingsley, SHE would have been the one leaving, so I guess they re through She can t blame him only because the person he loves is still how can I say it in this realm, and hers is not.Also, I liked the Divina Commedia atmosphere that de la Cruz put in Hell.It s nice to find some good old literature even in paranormal YA Even if sometimes it s all screwed up, haha.One thing wasn t clear when I was reading, there was this line But look at that hair, those eyes she s the spitting image of Gabrielle, the demon protested But wasn t Gabrielle s hair blond, while Schuyler s blue black like Charles O.o iwonderPlus, the book says that it took them a week to finally try to rescue Deming from the demons And yet, when SHE, Deming, is the center of the scene, she talks about being in the castle for a week And the castle is in Hell, so time is different How come it s a week here and it s a week there.Though the ending as always, Melissa de la Cruz has yet to fail me was oh oh I wonder how this all will go on.I can t wait for the next book.If you count that at first I didn t like this series so much, and that I thought the first book had disappointed me, you see how much I ve changed my opinion.This series is addicting, interesting, it gets better and better with each book.I m glad I didn t put it down My favourite quote He was like a shooting star you tried to catch with your hands She would only get burned.Also, I liked When there is nothing but sinful indulgence, sinful indulgence becomes a chore Funny quote They were standing on a hill, looking down upon a tall city Tartarus The capital of Hell How strange, Oliver said It looks exactly like New York haha For starters I only had a little clue on what I was getting into Which is surprising since this the 6th blue blood book and by which it is evident that I should have been than just a little clued in on the happenings But that is the beauty of this series, it is highly unpredictable You are never sure what to expect and when you do expect something the author again throws something unexpected at you At one point in this book I even thought that the author is going to pull of a Breaking Dawn on me but that conclusion too turned out to be a bit premature The entire book is divided into three separate story lines One involved Schuyler and Jack with a group of venators in search of the Gate of Promise On the way they have to battle a group of Nephalims and protect innocent maiden being carried of into the underworld as a part of some grand scheme The second one involves Mimi Force and Oliver as they travel into the underworld to save Kingsley Martin Mimi s long lost love and a former silver blood The third storyline involves Allegra Van Allen and takes place from where we last left her in Bloody Valentine She has moved on and trying to go through with her responsibilities to the coven and enter in to the bond with Charles Michael the Uncorrupted But things are not as they seem as Allegra soon finds out there are things far beyond her knowledge out there which might have played a huge role in her immortal life Things are not bright for the blue blood community as a whole Covens all around the world have disintegrating with the vampires moving under ground and there is also a very real chance for the next apocalypse The only hope is Schuyler s quest to find the gate of promise before the corrupted Fast paced and exciting this blue blood series is entirely nerve racking As before the author has tried to give detailed description on things like food and clothes but she has considerably toned down these descriptions when compared to her previous ventures In the end this Blue blood book is highly satisfying and a worthy predecessor to the previous ones. This series cuts me in half It s really good on some parts, others not so much.I ve wanted to give a review since the third book but since I ve reached this book I thought what the heck, let me just start from here and see if i can sum it up from the first book up to this one Schuyler Jack They re relationship is pretty annoying.It s always the same Hot guy never notices girl Girl falls maddeningly in love with secretive, brooding boy the very first time they flirt I could just see where this was going Did I forget to mention there s a love triangle quadrilateral OYes boys and girls Schuyler has a HUMAN best friend who,like always is a boy who s obssessed with her but doesn t want to make a move because of the friendship People, grow some freakin balls.Sure, it s easier said than done, confessing you love your best friend but that s why it s a BOOK and not real life You can do whatever the hell you want and STILL make it believable.Anyways, Jack has a bond with his twin sister Mimi While they re not really related, didn t make it any less twincestually creepy Eww.So it s Oliver Schuyler Jack Mimi If that makes any sense.You re telling me he s going to be with and make a girl who was like an ant on the sidewalk to him, his bondmate Yeah, centuries old bonds don t matter in this story Jack and Schuyler fall in love and bond after what TWO years of knowing each other Which leads me astray to mention while that sounds like the ideal time to marry or bond with ANYONE, it s complete bull Time in this story is about as orderly as a starved pack of rats forgive the terrible analogy For example, she ll go to see someone or go to Dr Pat the blue blood doctor and spend HOURS waiting.I don t know what the hell that is, but when I go to the doctor or anywhere else, at most I wait for an hour and a half All these stuff and killings are taking place and then the story goes months later, days later, hours later and you re like WTF Time is screwed up in this story Obviously you re not going to take each chapter day by day by day But when her grandfather died and the next book started, you re like so ummm, ya you knowanyone wanna fill me in on the mysterious year that happened after that, just before the story begins I mean yeah, no need to kill us with a boring tale but a little something before the big party scene involving the European Coven would be nice Schuyler Oliver Why do humans always have to be the weak subservient race in the supernatural world I don t mean to brag or anything But I m pretty badass DOliver is practically her stepping stool throughout the entire story And guess what, by this book, we see he s practically okay with the role of doormat.Friendships aren t easy to navigate, believe me Especially when love is involved but would it kill the authors to at least give the underdog boys a backbone Oliver practically took all of Schuyler s rejections and usings sitting down and only stood up for himself once or twice in failed attempts cause he still loves her I don t know what s next for him in Paradise Lost since Jack is out of the way temporarily and Oliver s going with Schuyler on her next trip of destiny but I hope his happy ending is there And if he dies, especially if he dies protecting Schuyler, so God help me I shall light something on fire Jack Mimi Mimi is a bitch And not the good, thank God there s a real person in this story, kind of bitch.She s obssessed with her twin Jack and pretty much hates Schuyler for stealing him away.Umm, I don t know about anyone else but it s a stupid notion I ve been wondering about for as long as I can rememeber Why do girls hate other girls for stealing their boyfriends I m pretty sure Jack knows what he s doing as does every other guy in the situation It s not the girl that s the problem wether she initiated it or not , it s the boy who let it happen The girl is pretty much doing what she wants to do but if the dude ever really cared about you in the first place, he wouldn t cheat.End of story Mimi and Jack were about as good for each other as a canary is for a cat.Mimi actually grew a heart while searching for Jordan in Misguided Angel Itwas nice to see that she wasn t just a power hungry blonde bimbo but someone who cared about what happened to her Coven and tried to protect and maintain it even with the odds stacked against her She even accepted eventually that Jack was a douchebag for going with her to the second bonding ceremony and then leaving her AGAIN for Schuyler how many hints can you overlook.The only annoying thing I couldn t understand was how quickly she fell in love with Kingsley Give me a break The author just created Kingsley as a subplot mystery who could easily replace Jack for Mimi without it looking too predictable or too bad Wrong We re not dumb Or at least I know I m not.Mimi Kingsley While their love affair was completely fabricated, it was a breath of fresh air Kingsley brought some sex and life to this book Like I said, I saw a different side of Mimi to this book Someone who would actually sacrifice everything to be with the one they loved and when you see the sacrifice she did make and how it saved her relationship with Kingsley and the sacrifice she didn t make becuase she actually has a beating heart beneath her frigid exterior, it ll make it worth reading I mean cringing through the book.All of it was PREDICTABLE as the entire Blue Bloods books are, but it was still sweet nonetheless.Oliver Mimi People who hate together Stay together Ever notice how people who initially hate each other in books always end up together or become best friends When I hate someone, it aint pretty and I certainly don t follow them to hell to rescue their beloved, at least without doing my research.They weren t exactly best friends, but they were friends nonetheless and this isn t really much of a spolier but it was a shock to me Oliver became Mimi s conduit.Ugh.After reading this you ll think twice about that roadtrip your friend wanted to take you on.Bliss Pretty much nonexistent after she escapes Lucifer taking her over.I thought she had died at Jack and Mimi s failed bonding ceremony But whatever, because guess what she s going on a life changing journey to find werewolves D Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod No.Vampires check.Teenage Angst check.Werewolves CHECK.Too much unrequited love CHECK.Trolls check.Demons, angels and who could forget Nephilim check.I think she changed her mind about the creature she wanted to portray every few books I hate seeing so many creatures popping up in paranormal romances to try and keep a dead story alive and a plot going Just when the two people are fine some new creature person is introduced to hunt them down Stick to the fucking storyline I don t know what s with the new trilogy saga trend It won t kill you to take the time to write ONE, nice book No sequel needed if you know you re just going to butcher it Adding all these creatures and theories and subplots so late into a series isn t interesting or mysterious It makes for a fucking annoying read, because I know nothing about these new people except for the fact that they re pissing me off.Anyways when I thought she died in that book, I was pretty happy to be honest, I thought finally someone with enough balls to kill a main character.And lucky for me, an annoying one But alas it was not so Bleh.Overall this book had it s highs and lows Highs Jack and Scuyler finally sort of get over themselves, and their incessant dialogues about forbidden love and how they must fight for each other and never let him her goDouble eww The battle scene with Mimi and Jack was alright, the ending of it however LAME Damn I had hoped someone would die That s not even a spoiler becuase if you thought Melissa De La Cruz was going to kill Jack Mimi You re stupid I wasn t lying when I said this book and every other was predictable I don t get excited when tv shows or books get all antsy when one of the main protagonists is in a battle scene to the death or whatever They CAN T freaking kill the main character because they need them to fulfill their stupid plots and even if they did highly unlikely no one would read or watch it ever again Mimi going to Hell with Oliver was way interesting than what Schuyler and Jack or anyone else was doing Dehua and Deming Chen along with Sam and Ted Lennox The superhero twin force duo combo pack team was alright And yes, they ended up liking each other Amazingly original and not forseen right They were a bit distracting and I was wondering why they were hunting Nephilim in the first place since they re Coven was at war but hey, when you re race is in danger of dying out you go out amongst dangerous creatures and hunt them down in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they won t kill you.When they though Schuyler was Nephilim and captured her and Jack by mistake, almost killing them, my heart swelled with hope But like I said, Schuyler won t die because that s just how the Laws of Books work But I did feel better when one of the superhero twin force duo combo pack team called Schuyler an Abomination and somewhere along the way, I can t remember who, referred to her mother as a slut who got pregnant too many times D Winning Mimi and Kingsley When Mimi finally found Kingsley, he was annoying at first but you end up seeing why and you can kind of understand and relate The scenes and love between the two of them were alright and actually nice considering the failed relationships of their fellow book characters It was a bit raw and intense.Lows Schuyler almost dying There was this moment of utter joy and I watched as it was snatched away from my greedy clutches Well a girl can dream Hell didn t seem all that bad from Mimi s description Where was the fire and brimstone and eternal misery and torture The only bad thing was that you could end up stuck with an annoying siren, everything would never be just right like the air was either too hot or too cold, you could drive through the desert forever with only shit knows who s music to listen to, you could end up having nothing to do all day but eat and watch tv and sin without a care in the world becuase hey, you re already in hell right or you could end up in a dirty city with too many people rubbing against you.Oh, or you could just get eaten by the Trolls That works too The endless stream of useless unknown unwanted characters.There were so many additions character wise that I was confused and beyond caring Anything or anyone that I didn t understand, oh well I just read through the confusion and hoped for the best Allegra s story Bang my head against a wall much Useless I didn t even see how it connected to the story really And her relationship with Schuyler s dad Not the amazing heartfelt love story worth risking a bond for the first couple of books seem to portray.But hey, neither was Schuyler and Jack s relationship.I just wanted to skip these parts because she was a dick for letting Charles, fool, use and manipulate her I liked Allegra fine before she went off with just two dumb cryptic messages for Schuyler and Bliss and then her story pissed me off It s like Allegra Charles is my best friend.Charles I m keeping a secret and buying my familiars mistress people overly expensive things and showering them with attention but I still love you Allegra.Allegra I love you Charles, you d never hurt me I can t believe I m betraying you for a HUMAN God forbid she loves someone that wasn t from Heaven or a Blue Blood Charles Ugh, but he s human Bond with me my love or I shall die Cue Angst Allegra You re keeping secrets about my past and you lied about the dead girl I found the other day but hey, I love you let s get hitched.And it went on and on and on.Allegra I shouldn t do this but I love human boy too much I must be around him or I shall perish in the depths of my love Stephen Chase Oh Allegra why did you go away from me I still love you so Allegra But Charles is my betrothed, I cannot leave him runs away Stephen Run away from your bonding with me for I know what you are and yes I still want to be your life size happy meal Allegra Yes my love, I shall leave Charles for you.ee After taking time out of my life to write this long ass review in the hopes of saving millions of other from my doomed fate of a half ass book, I m beginning to realize I never did really like the books all that much I just read them mostly out of obligation I don t like starting something and stopping halfway through I d rather just bear with it, cause really I m just a harsh critic, the book isn t THAT terrible But, I can t start a series and not finish it.I watch a movie and realize it s not as enthralling as I had hoped Twilight But I continue watching the sequels out of obligation The Twilight Saga books were pretty good, but the movies ruined it for people who may have liked it had they read the books So I pray, don t let me stop you from reading this book or the entire Blue Bloods series just don t expect an amazing read It s up to you how you feel about it But I, having been an avid bookreader since the age of 3, have high expectations. The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For The Young Blue Bloods Of Manhattan After Their Brief Yet Beautiful Bonding Ceremony In Italy, Schuyler Van Alen And Jack Force Depart For Egypt, Desperate To Find The Elusive Gate Of Promise Before Jack Must Face His Twin, Mimi, For A Blood Trial A Blood Trial That Only One Of Them Can Survive But Everything Schuyler Thought She Knew About The Gate Turns Out To Be A Lie, And They Soon Find Themselves Ensnared In A Deadly Battle Against The Demon Born Schuyler And Jack Take Up Arms, Only To Realize That There Is A Much Graver Threat Simmering In The Kingdom Of The DeadMeanwhile, Determined To Save The Only Vampire She Still Loves, Mimi Has Followed Kingsley Martin Into Hell With The Help Of Her New Human Conduit, Oliver Hazard Perry, Mimi Makes A Bargain With The Queen Of The Dead That She May Soon Regret When The Time Comes To Choose Between Love And Revenge, Both Mimi And Oliver Will Learn The True Meaning Of SacrificeConfronted By Danger, Betrayal, And Loss At Every Turn, The Blue Bloods Must Find The Will To Fight And Love Another Day

About the Author: Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of many critically acclaimed and award winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.Her books for adults include the novel Cat s Meow, the anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like

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