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Red Once Upon A Time, Red Riding Hood Fell In Love With The Wolf It Ended BadlyElodie Rose Has A Secret Any Day, She Ll Become A Wolf And Succumb To The Violence That S Cursed Her Family For Centuries For Seventeen Years She S Hidden Who And What She Is But Now Someone Knows The Truth And Is Determined To Exterminate Her Family Line Living On Borrowed Time In The Midst Of This Dangerous Game Of Hide And Seek, The Last Thing Elodie Needs Is To Do Is Fall In Love But Sawyer Is Determined To Protect Her, And The Brooding, Angry Boy Is Than What He Seems Can They Outsmart A Madman And If They Survive, Will They Find A Way To Beat The Curse For Good I cannot say enough good things about this book A survivalist YA love story with fairy tale roots It s epic I do not usually like werewolf stories Maggie Stiefvater s Shiver was the single exception for a long time, but no Shiver has a friend Red And that s some of the highest praise I can offer Nolan takes a sub genre that s not my favorite and makes me not only love the book, but kind of turns me on to the subject of werewolves in general All that s missing is the warning Werewolf haters beware, because this book will convert you Also loved the unique spin on the Red Riding Hood legend There s just enough of it, and it s so uniquely done, that it adds a wonderful spice to the whole novel I really liked the way the book was told with alternating 1st person POVs I found Elodie to be exactly the kind of strong supernatural heroine I love, but she wasn t so tough as to be unapproachable or hardened One of my favorite scenes with her is of her cooking over a campfire and breaking out a package of spices to make a really excellent meal To me, that s kind of the essence of her character prepared, ready to deal with anything, but insists on having the things that are important to her In this scene, it s spices, but in the bigger picture, it s things like honor, morals, and independence Nolan manages to craft a unique male heroine with Sawyer He s protective and possessive, but reigns in his werewolf instincts enough to respect Elodie s independence Unless she s in danger which happens a time or two But being rescued by Sawyer isn t something Elodie or anyone else would complain about. This is the first time that I have read anything created by Kait Nolan As often as I anticipate exploring new authors, I am usually left wanting It s a damned shame Most of the time.Thankfully, that is not the case with Red.I applaud Kait Nolan on her brilliant novel, Red and I look forward to the books to come I have high expectations for this author, and once you purchase this book, I have no doubt that you will feel the same.The newest in paranormal romance, the sweetest of new found love and attraction, Red leaves your heart pounding with smiles that await the inevitable soft touches and softest kisses.Sawyer, a young werewolf, son of Doctor Grant McGrath A dominant alpha male who only wants what is best for his son Protective and controlling, he holds rules over Sawyer with a stern expectation that they will be followed.Sawyer s first run in with Elodie was quite intense and awkward to say the very least Heroic and pushy Sawyer is left curious and concerned and is unable to refuse the growing attraction or impulsive need to protect the young woman No, really, I m not a stalker, I thought as I crept through the woods to the edge of Elodie s property There were so many things wrong with what I was doing It was a broad day, and I shouldn t be on four feet, but I could move faster this way and I trusted that my fur gave me enough natural camouflage that no one would notice me.Elodie is a young woman who is deeply confused with the defeat that she is running from something dangerous Time Something dangerous is growing inside and she fears that she will be unable to control her aggression that will undoubtedly come Profoundly loving and concerned for her father and Sawyer, she runs from the very thing that will endanger them all Herself and the beast within I am seventeen today Older than my predecessors by a full year Nothing happened the way she said it would As far as the history goes, all of them had given birth by now All of them were dead by now Some hunted and some slaughtered Some, like my mother, dead by their own hand Maybe it s because I haven t transitioned yet, but I cannot see suicide as a viable alternative The book hints of madness that accompanies the curse, but my mother seemed right enough in her mind A sweet wounded wolf that follows her home, providing a calmness she desperately needed climbs into her heart Someone in the shadows watching her Hunting her This book is amazing, and I couldn t put it down Actually, I take that back I had an errand to run and made my husband drive just so I could read the last 8% of this novel Obsess much Red is that good.I recommend this book to young adults and adults in general There is some mild sexual intentions, but the scene is short and I would agree that it is halted, leaving it indeed appropriate for young but mature adults Mild to moderate violent content, gruesome, deliciously descriptive bloody scenes but still, not so much inappropriate.I hope to speak to this author soon to discuss some Q A about this book, the author in general and what to expect of her future word I will keep everyone posted Until then Happy reading Are you a fan of Nightshade a member of Team Jacob Like a gusty female MC whose story will leave your heart pounding from fear and excitement Then please, please put this book NOT ONLY on your TBR listing but NEXT on it I came across a sample chapter of this book attached to a Susan Bischoff talent series book and was immediately intrigued so much so that I bought the full story and read RED that very day and twice since I loved so many things about this book 1 NO love triangle The tension within this story comes from other plot devises I ve read AND loved a great many books that have the who do i choose premise but RED was fast paced, full of danger romance and refreshing 2 Elodie, our female MC, has depth than I ve seen in a while She s smart, tough, tender and her story alone moves the plot forward 3 Sawyer ok, he has all the delicious qualities expected from a yummy, ya MC But, his conflicts with his life, his mom, his dad and his need to be around Elodie all feel real NOT forced to fill a story 4 POV shifts the book is told through both Elodie Sawyer s eyes Kait if you read this review please write YA Your craftsmenship filled a void in my reading world that I didn t know was there until I read this book.Not familiar with this book Here s the goodread summary Elodie Rose has a secret Any day, she ll become a wolf and succumb to the violence that s cursed her family for centuries For seventeen years she s hidden who and what she is But now someone knows the truth and is determined to exterminate her family line Living on borrowed time in the midst of this dangerous game of hide and seek, the last thing Elodie needs to do is fall in love But Sawyer is determined to protect her, and the brooding, angry boy is than what he seems Can they outsmart a madman And if they survive, will they find a way to beat the curse for good I read my first book by Kait Nolan a couple of months ago and was spellbound by her vivid storytelling and original worldbuilding, so when I heard that her new story to be released soon was an urban fantasy retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood I was excited and curious and my excitement wasn t even tempered by the fact that Red is a YA novel If you know me you know I m not a fan of YA novels, the immaturity and whining of the characters irritate me, but having already had a first taste of Kait Nolan s writing I knew that I was in for a treat and had no qualms about reading a YA story written by her, and I was proven right Red is Elodie s story Elodie is about to turn seventeen and has lived in fear for the past 4 years because on her 13th birthday she read a letter left for her by her deceased mother revealing to her the curse of the family that just as all her female ancestors she will turn into a werewolf and be a danger to others and herself Elodie subordinated all her life since that revelation to trying to prevent the change and come to terms of ending her life if when it happens Due to this she lives a pretty isolated life and tries to stay under the radar She keeps herself away from others, she doesn t have friends and there is an emotional gulf between her and her dad.Elodie s emotional suffering is heartbreaking She lives each day of her life not knowing if the thing she s the most terrified of will happen that day or not but she knows that when it happens she will have to die She accepted this fate with such sad resignation that it touched my heart Enter Sawyer, the new boy in town and our irresistible hero He has his own grief and demons to wrestle, but he is intrigued by Elodie and wants to help her The he sees and gets to know her his interest starts to become much , until his whole world is centered around Elodie It was very easy and natural to come to love both main characters Elodie is an exceptionally mature and serious young woman, her fears and pain grabbed at my heart And I instantly became a fan of Sawyer seeing what a deeply protective, warmhearted and thoughtful guy he is His humour also endeared him to me After my questionable rescue of the girl in the woods yesterday, I d trailed her home It s not like I was turning into some sparkly, blood sucker wannabe, who hung out staring into her room while she slept or something Give me some credit Can you just say LOL D Give me your reasons, I ll give you my silence, he said I grit my teeth, bit back a growl That s blackmail I call it curiosity, but hey, potato, potahtoh Ditto D Have you been having headaches Body chills Super sensitive hearing and smell I know just the diagnosis for you Please dial 1 800 456 WOLF Though there is an immediate chemistry and connection between them, I loved how slow Elodie and Sawyer took things, they let things develop gradually and even put on the brakes several times when instinct and attraction would have taken them further and deeper I rooted for them because their relationship was based on so much than a physical and superficial attraction, it had substance and depth Sawyer was attentive to Elodie s wellbeing, her peace of mind and serenity were the most important to him Elodie He snagged my arm, turning me toward him, tipping my chin up so I had to meet his eyes He looked grave and intense and I don t know purposeful in a way that made my mouth go dry and my stomach drop somewhere around my feet You are amazing, he said in a measured voice You re smart, funny, beautiful, and any guy would be lucky to have you in his life You have no idea how lucky I am to have you in mine But that doesn t mean the air doesn t sizzle between them You stopped being afraid of me, he said softly I was never afraid of you specifically I m terrified of how you make me feel And how is that he asked Electrified, I said breathlessly When I m with you I want Needs and desires tangled my tongue, and my skin, where he touched it, was on fire What do you want he asked, lips against my throat You, I whispered, closing my eyes to ride the sensation Just you Red is an amazing story, I remember I started reading it and when I looked up noticed that several hours have passed without me even noticing Kait Nolan s evocative storytelling will grip you and suck you in, the characters are fleshed out so well they step off the pages, and the emotional intensity is brilliantly highlighted throughout the story irrespective of whose POV you are reading Because Red is told from both the hero and the heroine s point of view, and that way the reader is able to see and understand the thoughts and feelings behind the acts and dialogues, giving them a deeper meaning.Verdict There is everything you might wish for in Red heartrate speeding up mystery, tingle inducing romance and chuckle out loud humour which alleviates the heartbreaking heartwarming emotional tangles of Elodie s and Sawyer s relationships with each other and their respective dads Though Red is categorized as a YA novel, it is a wonderfully written exciting urban fantasy tale, one I would recommend to everyone irrespective of age, it deserves 4.5 stars Another outstanding book by Kait Nolan My favorite part of this story was its originality Though it stems from age old mythological creatures, everything about this book is fresh and original Nolan s writing style is smooth and seamless, and makes putting RED down next to impossible Action and character development in all the right places creates an emotional and exciting read I can t wait to see what Nolan writes next Three cheers for RED I ran into Kait via a mutual friend on twitter, and something led me to her blog where I discovered RED My passion for YA fiction has been growing in leaps and bounds lately, so despite generally avoiding any book about wolves or vampires, and yes, in part because the cover is gorgeous srsly , I decided what the heck, give it a go and support a new twitterfriend I was also intrigued because this book is a self published endeavor As such, I thought Nolan did a fabulous job with this story though I found a couple of wee typosthough I am not as critical as some about those as % I have a couple in my own books despite going over them dozens and dozens of times it happens Argh.Other reviewers have given rather nice summaries of the book, so I ll just say why I liked it, and why I decided after some wavering to give it five stars First the characters I saw some reviewers grumbling about the characters but I am not sure why Elodie BEST NAME EVER is likable despite herself , she is strong I love strong characters even in her moments of weakness She has determination, and a sharp wit Sawyer came across slightly older than I would ve expected, but, in ways he is older at heart One reviewer mentioned she was unhappy that Nolan didn t go into deep detail about how these characters looked, but I prefer that, honestlyElodie in my head matched Elodie on the cover, and Sawyer, well, my mind decided what he looked like I m cool with that I am also familiar with that area where the story takes place or less so had no trouble envisioning that I see some reviewers grumbling about typical YA tropes but I have no problem with those Possibly because I am a fairly new reader of YA but also possibly because knowing this age group so well, I am not surprised by the rivalries, the attitudes of secondary characters oh no not at all And the werewolf tropes Nolan handled those in a fresh way, putting her unique twist to all the usual I appreciated that I enjoyed the mystery, though by the time the bad person was revealed, I had a moment of who I read this over several days and still had to rack my brain a bit to remember that character.I liked the relationships between child and father in both cases they were poignant in their own way, and I was happy with the outcomes Nolan had for both Losing a parent at an early age has a profound effect on a kid I know, because my kids lost their dad at a young age It isn t easy, and being the parent left behind, well, sometimes mistakes are made The fathers were very real to me, and I am glad Nolan tied these relationships up as she did Very satisfying The pace of the story I had no problem with that at all It was a quick read, yes, but I found myself thinking about the characters in between reading sessions That says a lot about a book as I wall bang far books than I finished I had no doubt though that I would finish this one in record time Very satisfying read, and if there d been a sequel which I understand there won t be I would ve bought it immediately I hope Nolan takes another jump into YA I d love to see what she does next In the meantime, I have her other books to try out now, and based on what I have read with RED, I m looking forward to reading them. With RED, Kait Nolan she of Mirus fame Forsaken By Shadow Devil s Eye Blindsight offers up her first foray into the YA world and boy, does she deliver The premise of RED is utterly intriguing In the RED universe, our protagonist, 17 year old Elodie Rose, is the last descendant of the original Red Riding Hood, whose love affair with a werewolf inspired the fairy tale and has burdened all her female descendants with a curse they, too, will turn into a werewolf with the onset of puberty as a trigger.Ever since learning of this curse, Elodie has kept herself isolated in an attempt to avoid triggering her transformation But with the introduction of mysterious, brooding Sawyer to her small town, Elodie dares to imagine living a normal, full life for the first time However, she will first have to fight for that life A hunter is nearby one of a long line of hunters determined to destroy Elodie s family line Elodie must track and expose the hunter before he exposes her All the while, her attraction to Sawyer grows, triggering the wolf inside her and endangering her life daily And complicating matters is the fact that Sawyer has a few secrets of his ownThis is a fantastic, sexy, smartly written addition to the plethora of YA paranormal romances out there One of the things that makes RED stand out from the crowd is the intelligence, self sufficiency, and strength of Elodie, a truly likable and admirable heroine who has no stomach for nonsense At times, her resourcefulness and physical stamina in the wild reminded me of none other than Miss Katniss Everdeen, and that is a compliment of the highest order.Also of note is the setting Both the national park laboratory where Elodie works, deep in the Tennessee woods, as well as her nearby small town, have such vivid, visceral palettes Perhaps contributing to this richness is the fact that we experience most descriptions through Elodie, whose wolfish senses are awakening We learn the world anew with her, not as humans, but as something.And, yes, that romance Superb Elodie s and Sawyer s attraction to one another is electric from the first time they meet, and their scenes together practically jump off the page with sizzling, sensual energy One thing I really appreciate about Nolan s writing is her treatment of the romantic scenes between Elodie and Sawyer They are incredibly sensual and effective every time these two touched, my heart rate jumped up a few notches but never feel overdone, unnecessarily hormone ridden, or explicit for shock value.Overall, a wonderful read, and an especial must for any YA paranormal romance fans I can t wait to see Nolan s future YA work Finally, Kait Nolan, author of the Mirus series , brings her exciting blend of action and romance to the YA audience This novel, not connected to the paranormal world of the Mirus, is the story of Elodie, the descendent of the young woman who inspired the Red Riding Hood legend Elodie s family journal documents a tale of madness and death, passed down through the female line, a curse that has been hanging over Elodie s head And just as she thinks the curse might pass her by, she starts to experience symptoms of the change, of the transformation to a werewolf.Just when everything seems to be falling apart for Elodie, enter Sawyer, a brooding, angry young man with his own problems Together they form a friendship that soothes them both, and then the friendship begins to feel like.And just when it seems like there might be some hope for Elodie s life after all, enter a madman, a hunter whose family has stalked Elodie s through the generations.The story sends Elodie, with Sawyer beside her, on a mission to hunt the hunter But also to find herself, her inner strength, and to embrace the wolf to save herself, Sawyer, and their future Full of action, laced with teen angst, and graced with a sweetly seductive romance, this is a read that s sure to be a delight to fans of teen paranormal romance. This is the second story I ve read from Kait Nolan, but while I enjoyed Forsaken By Shadow, Red runs into a mess of standard YA trope problems right from the start I decided not to finish, and so I want to make clear, this is only a partial review.First, the romantic couple s introduction has to be awkward and angry, because this establishes conflict And yet, the female character can t stop thinking about the male already Just because Also, that two werewolves were right next to each other, but neither picked up the scent of wolf Not believable Especially not since the main character s first awakening sense is smell Even if I accept the idea that she s never smelled one of her own kind, the other character has already shifted before, and has lived with other wolves So the moment he came upon her in the field, he should have known what she was Yet, he has no clue Oh, and he has to mysteriously disappear rather than just walk away Because when you re trying to hide out in normal society, noting says normal like suddenly vanishing at the end of a conversation.No character has a decent physical description at the point where I gave up, and character development for the main character s school rival is Hey, stereotypes exist for a reason That is a direct quote Yes they do, but in this case I d say they re used so the author won t have to worry about character description They can just resort to a negative stereotype like all cheerleaders are pretty but evil And stupid The main character has already tried as hard as she can to make me pity her, what with her fake suicide attempt and having her bike run over and still going to work late on her first day, and she s still hired Of course she is Never happened once when I was an hour late for my first day, but hey, this is escapist fiction Who needs realism when writing YA Nevertheless, when one of the characters in the lab got labeled as glasses guy, I put down the book.Though the topic and setting are vastly different, Red brings to mind Hunger Games, and for all the wrong reasons It has a shallow main character trying to be deeper than she really is, a lack of description in scenes and characters, and only two chapters in, it feels rushed and uninspired.However, I expect this style of writing will appeal to people who liked Hunger Games Elodie s graphically sparse and self absorbed narrative style is much like Katniss , so if you like one story, you ll probably like the other.I give Red two stars, and would recommend readers check out Kait s Mirus series novellas before reading this.

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Kait Nolan is stuck in an office all day, sometimes juggling all three of her jobs at once with the skill of a trained bear sometimes with a similar temperament After hours, this RITA Award winning author uses her powers for good, creating escapist fiction This Mississippi native has something for everyone, from short and sweet to Southern contemporary romance to small town romantic suspense al

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