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The Man Tamer (It's All About Attitude, #7) (Harlequin Blaze, #323) There S Not A Man Rachel Westover Can T Tame Or At Leasttransform From A Sloppy, Sports Loving, Self Absorbed Maleinto The Perfect Mate Then She Meets Garret Kelly, AkaThe Wild Man Talk About A Challenge In A Gorgeouspackage, No Less Can Her Behavior Modificationtechniques Take On A Guy This Set In His Rumpled Andsurprisingly Irresistible Ways Rachel S Hormones, Er, Ambitions, Are Jumping At The ChanceIf She Succeeds In Domesticating Garret, She Gets Her OwnTV Show If She Fails Well, Failure Isn T An Option Sure, He S Resistant Than She Expected And Withholdingpleasure As Punishment Affects Her So Much, She Sabandoned That Strategy But She S Determined One Ofthem Is Going To Their Knees She Just Hopes It Isn T Her The Man Tamer was a good read with hot, sexy scenes And a lovely romance about how opposites attract. That was my first book from this author and it might not be the last.Both the tone and characters were decidedly modern, simple and realistic I liked that all characters were a bit flawed, though seemed very normal with no extravagant trauma or behavior, they could be slightly irritating at times, but like normal people can be when they do not behave like we I think they should.The plot was very simple, and rather predictible However it did not matter, as it allowed characters to show their changes and developments, their maturing into a meaningful relationship that neither of them was used to and it just worked out fine.My small qualms as a Harlequin, it s a short book and it felt like it could have been developed and made into something , even though it was not lacking as some other short books can be And 5 hot scenes within this short book felt a bit too much they allowed to demonstrate the growing intimacy between the characters, but it took a bit too much space in the description of their interactions at first Last, I did not really like the advices taken from Rachel s column at the beginning of each chapter, whose writing did not strike me as either very insightful or funny. This is the first harlequin romance book I ve read and to be honest the only reason I m reading this is because it was a gift from a freind 4 years ago, as a joke, but I thought what the hell, I own it, I should read it and it s not what I expected It s okay, it wasn t horrible, but I didn t love it either It was cute and cheesy and very predictable It s kind of like chick lit which I do read a lot of , but with less humor, sex and no cursing which I find odd I probably would only read another harlequin if I had nothing else to read and the storyline didn t sound too bad But it was okaythe cover doesn t really depict how the story is written.

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