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Endure On the e reader this was only 167 pages Wish it was A LOT longer, but oh well Release date 5 8 12Okay I m going to start this review by mentioning my feelings towards the rest of this series I adored the first book I thought that the story was unique, the action was really well done, and I loved the romance The characters were all characters that I fell in love with instantly The second and third book seemed to get progressively worse in my opinion, but I still enjoyed them enough to be very excited to read Endure as soon as I recieved it Despite the fact that I didn t really enjoy Entice, I had to know how this series would end.My head is spinning after reading this book It was super short, and I read it in one sitting, but the book seemed to fly by so quickly it s difficult to gather my thoughts.We start out pretty much where we left off Nick is being mean to Zara, and she is heartbroken because he is treating her like a piece of trash She saved Nick from Valhalla, but the evil pixies aren t giving up Grandma Betty is still not around Zara needs to form an army of good pixies with her friends and anyone she can gather up to help fight All of this is going on while she tries to deal with her feelings about Nick, and her pixie king, Astley Finally, the end of the world is predicted and Zara supposedly has something to do with it.This book was all about the action, and the unexpected So many things happen that you just wouldn t expect, which makes the book constantly holding your attention There is never one dull moment in this book There is honestly not much to say about this book without giving away any spoilers, so I m just going to leave you with a few reasons why I love this series, and really love Zara This quote sums up why I love Zara, despite her flawsThis is why you are chosen Not because of who your father is, not because you turned pixie queen It is because you choose to look beyond the ugly You choose to see the good even in monsters, Zara White That is why you are different That is why you are important Also, Zara really releases her inner badass in this book When called a little girl she simply spears the person and whispers Sorry, you chose the wrong side Plus, you made little girl seem like a bad thing The absolute only thing I didn t like about this book was how the romance was kind of skimpy By skimpy I mean there really was none until the last 30 pages I understand that this story was focusing on the apocolypse and all, but a little romance would have been appreciated Zara got lip action from a girl than either of the guys Just sayin No matter which boy you hope Zara ends up with I think you will enjoy the ending I ve never really said which boy I liked so it s okay to say that I am VERY happy with the ending.I recommend all Need fans read this book How can you not You truly need to find out the ending of the story of this loveable girl who we first met muttering random phobias the girl who went from never wanting to hurt a fly to a girl willing to kill for what she believes in and for those she loves This is an ending that will not disappoint I m sad to see it end, but it s been one heck of a ride Thank you Carrie Jones Zara is at the center of an impending apocalypse True, she s successfully rescued Nick from Valhalla, but it simply isn t enough Evil pixies are ravaging Bedford, and they need much than one great warrior they need an army Zara isn t sure what her role is any She s not just fighting for her friends she s also a pixie queen And to align her team of pixies with the humans she loves will be one of her greatest battles yet Especially since she can t even reconcile her growing feelings for her pixie king.CHARACTERS So I love all my babies in this book Zara is finally excepting who she is and who she loves and that was gorgeous Astley understands that humans are important too It s called character development and in this book it was developed so well.ROMANCE view spoiler hide spoiler YAY Cover and description These covers are so pretty TEAM ASTLEY I love how the last book was the BEST one and shes just been letting out the series after the first couple of months but aver THIS book, the one I like the most, she decides to take a whole YEAR Ugh times infinity Sighhhhh I m going to read it, but, Carrie, this is some major buzzkill I want to know if she ends up with his epicly sexy and amazing highness, Astleyyy Boo for the title The others were so atmospheric, but this one just feels burdensome and heavy waves my Astley fangirl flag Let s hope we get the ending we re all cheering for OMG OMG the cover is out It looks amazing I had just finished the Entice I know It took FOREVER for me to finally get the third book But now I am craving for I am Enticed, Captivated and Need to get my hands on to the fourth book I just can Endure it I really hope Endure ends with Zara and Astley getting together Ever since we were introduced to Astley in the second book, I knew he was the one But if Carrie thinks otherwise I am probably going to scream.But seriously how can t you LOVE Astley I mean swoon Either way I am super excited It S All Out War And No Holds Barred Romance In The Climactic Conclusion To Carrie Jones S Bestselling SeriesZara Is At The Center Of An Impending Apocalypse True, She S Successfully Rescued Nick From Valhalla, But It Simply Isn T Enough Evil Pixies Are Ravaging Bedford, And They Need Much Than One Great Warrior They Need An Army Zara Isn T Sure What Her Role Is Any She S Not Just Fighting For Her Friends She S Also A Pixie Queen And To Align Her Team Of Pixies With The Humans She Loves Will Be One Of Her Greatest Battles Yet Especially Since She Can T Even Reconcile Her Growing Feelings For Her Pixie KingUnexpected Turns, Surprising Revelations, And One Utterly Satisfying Romantic Finale Make Endure A Thrilling End To This Series Of Bestsellers A WHOLE YEAR Why do authors LUV torturing us READERS dramatic moment over ROFL Anyways.TEAM ASTLEY xD OMGThat sums up the shock and astonishment that I was in when I finally finished this book I can say that it wasn t worth staying up half the night for since I had to wake up at 6 am for school If I could rewind last night and not finish the book, I d be happier. On to the book It really wasn t what I was expecting I don t know if it s because I was in such a hurry to know what happens in the end that I skimmed through most of the book I couldn t really get into the emotional part and be one with the characters, just for whatever reason.By the first few lines in the post you can see the I m Team Astley and even though view spoiler I wasn t disappointed by her choice hide spoiler The Need series has been a guilty pleasure of mine since book one due to the highly entertaining dialogue, the very unique characters and story line Carrie Jones created After all, pixies aren t a paranormal creature I see a lot in the YA genre Couple that with the use of Norse god mythology and you have a truly original series All that being said, I do not think this was a strong conclusion, but I did still enjoy myself along the way.Sometimes what I really dislike about reading a series while they are still being written is the lengthy waits By the time I get to the next book, I can barely remember who each character is or their background This is especially frustrating when the novel picks up directly or shortly after the last book ends But Jones handles that fairly well with small recaps on the important info that happen in the previous novels So even if it s been a year or since you ve read Entice, rest assured that you will most likely be able to keep up just fine.Endure opens with Betty still missing and Nick still not very accepting of Zara being a pixie It s a trying time for her and she has her share of FML moments, but I never thought they were over done I think everyone is entitled to their own pity party when your boyfriend can stand the sight and smell of you Zara and the gang have a lot on their plate in Endure since Frank is causing even trouble trying to bring an end to the world And then there is Astly, who Zara isn t entirely sure how she feel about But unlike other heroines, Zara pushes her personal feelings aside to deal with the real matter at hand saving the world I loved that about her because for once we have a heroine that realizes they have a job to do instead of moping around crying about her love life But this comes as no surprise to me as I have always loved Zara as a main character She s smart, compassionate yet not to the point of having no self preservation , and hilarious.Still, there are a few things that irritated me a bit Nick I really don t know what happened to his character over the course of this series But I don t like it To put it bluntly, he was an ass in Endure Straight up Zara went to Valhalla to rescue him She changed into a pixie for him, which she was strongly opposed to at first, and what does the little prick do He completely shuns her because she is different Later in the novel, a situation arises where she becomes human again and he has the nerve to show interest in her Thankfully, Zara is a smarter than the average bear and does not accept his advances.The Norse mythology It went right over my head At first it was interesting in the pervious books because it s not often done, but it got and complicated This book is only 262 pages and I don t think that was enough time to properly explore it fully Somehow Zara is the key to stopping the apocalypse by freeing Loki, but then she s not supposed to free Loki because that actually starts the apocalypse I was very confused I don t even think the characters knew what they were talking about In fact, it s pretty clear they didn t considering the Norse gods were always correcting them on their information Their response It seemed like a rather convenient excuse to explain away things that aren t fully explained in the first place Don t get me wrong, I think it s pretty accurate for modern teens to find out everything they need to know from the University of Google But it s another thing entirely for them to fully believe everything they read as much as was done in Endure It was like Oh noz How do we stop the apocalypse fires up Google answer found world saved Go on and push it I know you want to The Ending It really felt like Jones was just on a mission to hurry up and end the series Overall I m happy with the ending, but not the process in which it arrived there But I really believe that it mostly comes back to things being a little too convenient for Zara and her friends.However, even with those issues and not fully understanding the how everything connected together, I still was able to enjoy the novel As for who Zara ends up with, well, let s just say I think fans will be very happy with the outcome I know I was ARC was provided by Bloomsbury via NetGalley Thank you More reviews and fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. I ve had a love hate relationship with Carrie Jones over the years Need was the first of her books I read, and I thought it was okay her writing was choppy and hard to read, but the characters were there, not to mention the whole phobia thing How cool is that Captivate, Need s sequel, took me even further into the world of Zara White and her friends, human and pixie alike, and I became infatuated with Jones s series Entice made me love it Imagine my heartbreak and disappointment when I found out this book was out a whole YEAR after Entice and, even then, kept getting pushed back.Finally, a solid May release date got announced, and I just couldn t wait I really enjoyed After Obsession, too, even though it had no ties to Jones s Need world and featured a brand spanking new co author.Endure, even though I never really liked the title at all , was the best book in the series for me I feel like Carrie s writing has improved since the series started Say goodbye to her former, choppier style of writing while that is warranted in some places during Endure, Carrie 2.0 has been released and is much an improvement My favorite part of Endure is the end no, I m not going to spoil it for you because it wrapped up the series perfectly And hint, hint I always love the flash forward in time epilogues DThe love interest in the series has always been a bit of a toss up for me In most series, you can usually guess who the MC will decide to end up with Endure wasn t like that at all I honestly had no idea and felt like it was a flip of a coin move for Jones Either one would ve benefited Zara in the long run, and I am quite happy with who she did end up with About those boys sigh I feel like they were being really possessive and stupid throughout the entire book Up until the end, I think neither of them deserved Zara and that what they really deserved was a frying pan to the face, but they redeemed themselves and stopped acting like idiots.I loved the Norse mythology, even though I felt like a lot of it was thrown in my face I overall just really enjoyed Endure.One thing is for darned sure Carrie Jones sure can write an ending.

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