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Drink, Slay, Love Pearl Is A Sixteen Year Old Vampire Fond Of Blood, Allergic To Sunlight, And Mostly Evil Until The Night A Sparkly Unicorn Stabs Her Through The Heart With His Horn Oops Her Family Thinks She Was Attacked By A Vampire Hunter Because, Obviously, Unicorns Don T Exist , And They Re Shocked She Survived They Re Even Shocked When Pearl Discovers She Can Now Withstand The Sun But They Quickly Find A Way To Make Use Of Her New Talent The Vampire King Of New England Has Chosen Pearl S Family To Host His Feast If Pearl Enrolls In High School, She Can Make Lots Of Human Friends And Lure Them To The King S Feast As The Entrees The Only Problem Pearl S Starting To Feel The Twinges Of A Conscience How Can She Serve Up Her New Friends Especially The Cute Guy Who Makes Her Fangs Ache To Be Slaughtered Then Again, She S Definitely Dead If She Lets Down Her Family What S A Sunlight Loving Vamp To Do

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    Actual rating 4.5 stars and a unicorn Kind of funny when you think about it, us believing we had to protect a dude from you, Tall said In a few weeks we can all grab a cheeseburger together and laugh about this A hot chick like you couldn t possibly be a vampire Seriously, though, you might want to cut down on the black garb No

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    3.5 of 5 unicorns Pearl is a vampire Her life has always flawlessly been perfectly normal as far as normal can go for her and, while she was enjoying her nightly snack, she saw a unicorn Magnificent Pearl burst out laughing Seriously A unicorn Please Why yes, the Family capital F required may have convinced her that it incon

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    Truth be told, not only Drink, Slay, Love is loads of fun, but it has way depth than it appeared at first Trust me, if I was able to enjoy it even though 1 I don t like vampires and 2 I m bored by PNR often than not lately, there s a good chance you will too Let s take a look at what you have here, okay An alpha female vampire

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    A brush with extinction does not excuse unladylike behaviour You weren t raised in a barn Initial Final Page Thoughts.Holy moly, I just finished a vampbook with a smile on my face WHAT High Points.Pearl I was snickering here, there and everywhere with this book Prom Queen Molly Ringwald Learning about American High School culture from John Hughes f

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    Hilarious, light hearted, and a male lead that made me smile than should be allowed.but the story itself was just too meh for me.

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    3.5 stars So Ms Britnee and I picked this book as a buddy read I wasn t sure what to expect from it Even with the catchy premise, I figured this book was going to be just another run of the mill vamp book Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised I had a lot of fun reading Drink, Slay, Love.You really can t go wrong with a book which has a girl getting stabbed by a unicorn in th

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    Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers ahead I remember how back in 2011 I saw this book circulating everywhere That was around the time when vampires were still popular A friend of mine had highly recommended another book by Durst, Vessel Having read and enjoyed The Queen of Blood I decided to give Drink, Slay, Love a try I am happy to say that I enjoyed it Pearl is 16,

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    Thanks to Dorothy, who got me this book as a gift It s raining outside and I have no intention of opening my Modern History textbook, so this seems like as good a time as any to review this book.I read Drink Slay Love in one sitting Now, I know that the cool kids say that vampire books are crap, but bear with me for a second Personally, I really like the idea of vampires I mean, bloodsucking h

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    Gurl, I hate to be the one to tell ya, but your boyfriend is totally gay Gay as the day is long I know you re new to this whole humanity thing, so I ll give you a couple of pointers Your guy might say she walks like the night, but when a dude calls you a lady of the night, it s not usually a compliment Also when a dude is view spoiler really into unicorns hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars That was a hell of a blast Awesome story, awesome humor, colorful cast of characters, and fucking UNICORNS, man I am legit PISSED that there s no sequel, because the ending was really open ended and practically begging for it to become a series Almost to the point where it might ve been planned to BE a series at first but the sequel s got canceled or something That would be a real bummer, cause I woul

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